ProffCom is one of Norway’s leading customer service providers for a variety of industries. Our services range from, total operation of your company’s customer service to alleviating your customer service department as a flexible partner. In addition to this, we also have an AI team who design, set up and operate complete Virtual Customer Assist (VA) solutions in collaboration with


ProffCom was established in 1999 and is one of the most experienced customer service companies in the Norwegian outsourcing market. With the goal of being more than a regular supplier, we also serve as an important strategic partner for our customers. Helping our customers increase revenue and reduce costs is a natural part of our job. ProffCom has over 200 employees with headquarters in Nydalen in Oslo, as well as branch offices in Tønsberg and Kristiansund. We also have an office in Belgrade (Serbia) in collaboration with NoviCom.

ProffCom + Puzzel +

Interaction between technology and people is our solution for providing top-notch customer service. Human Customer Service from ProffCom and Artificial Customer Service from combined on Puzzel’s unique Platform is a customer service solution from the future – delivered today. Good customer service is no longer simply just giving your customers the correct answers to their questions, but should also be available 24/7, have a fast response time and be easy to understand. Therefore, we believe the best form of customer service is a combination of Artificial and Human that complement each other and work together seamlessly.

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