’s AI-powered municipality platform enables governments to create a digital public servant. Designed for hyper-localization, the world’s first multi-tenant virtual agent solution easily automates citizen interaction. It allows municipalities to effortlessly launch their own virtual agent and connect it to an always-expanding hub of generalized knowledge, tailored to the needs of each and every locale.

Multi-city Conversational AI platform

Originally launched in Sandefjord, Norway in 2017, in collaboration with partner Sem & Stenersen Prokom, the municipality platform is now used by more than 27 million people in 118 municipalities across the Nordics and Europe.

What makes it so unique?

Powered by conversational AI, our municipality virtual agents connect to a single, centralized and always-expanding knowledge hub with support for over 6,000 public sector-related topics. It is then tailored to the needs of each and every locale through an innovative filter system. The no-code nature of the platform makes it easy for municipality employees to update and maintain their respective virtual agents, guaranteeing quality content and answers specific to their citizens, without any need for technical training or engineering background.


Kommune-Kari is automating over 1 million messages annually and can support over 6,000 public sector-related topics out-of-the-box. Kari is a low-cost way to bridge the digital gap between local governments and citizens and to start automating support and service 24/7.


Kommun-Kim is the Swedish municipality virtual agent and developed in collaboration with Softronic. Kim acts as a central knowledge hub for 15 municipalities in Sweden and automates more than 165,000 messages annually. Powered by’s market-leading Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the platform allows for one single virtual agent that can be tailored for each municipality via a dedicated municipal module with more than 1,500 ready-to-go topics and answers in Swedish.


The multi-tenant solution is rebranded as Kunti-Kati for the Finnish market, and developed in collaboration with Accenture. Employees from each municipality train and maintain their respective virtual agents whilst simultaneously benefiting from the conversation data and improvements of their neighbouring locales also using the Kunta-Kati platform. This is all managed within a no-code user interface requiring zero technical expertise to use. Today Kati is automating over 160,000 messages annually, and we have more than 1,500 public-sector-related questions ready to go in Finnish.


In Denmark, the platform has been rebranded as Kommune-Kiri to suit local proclivities and is developed in collaboration with Deloitte who are responsible for the operation, maintenance and further development of the system. Today, Kiri is automating about 105,000 conversations per year from Danish inhabitants.
Link to Roskilde municipality case study

Key features

  • Unlimited scalability with thousands of ready-to-go intents. Avoid a ‘cold start’ with purpose-built content for municipalities
  • User-friendly, no-code conversation builder. Upskill existing support and service staff into AI trainers with our comprehensive e-learning certification program
  • Class-leading NLU and NLP for enhanced understanding. Successfully resolve over 90% of customer requests
  • Support for voice and conversational IVR
  • Multilingual support in over 25 languages
  • Integrated with leading live chat platforms
  • GDPR compliant
  • Powerful utility integrations that go beyond the chat panel – RPA, OCR, ticketing and more


The results speak for themselves. On average, the municipalities connected to the platform have reported

  • 30% reduction in phone calls and emails
  • 85% satisfaction rate on answers
  • 57% of inquiries occur outside of opening hour

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