Question: How can you increase the number of outbound telemarketing sales or outstanding bills collected by on average more than 30% without having to employ more agents or invest in more equipment?
Answer: Drastically improve the way leads are allocated!

Currently, in most call centres leads are randomly allocated according to which agent is available at the time – either by a dialer or the head of the contact centre.
However, we have seen that this does not result in the best possible results and the main reason sales or collections aren’t as high as they could be is because agents don’t sell to or interact with all lead types equally.

To solve this and improve sales or collections, we apply skills-based routing based on mathematical models for each agent based on past successes and failures. We call this Smart Lead Allocation (SLA). This allows us to identify the types of leads each agent does well with. Next, we select these types of leads from the new batches to be called and assign them accordingly.
Seamlessly integrate with Value-Ad’s skill-based routing – Smart Lead Allocation – and increase your revenue.

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