Email communication is still the preferred option for many people especially in sectors with complex cases that require sensitive handling backed up with a robust audit trail. Puzzel Ticketing, powered by Cention, allows for queueing and filtering of e-mails as conversations, metadata or content analysis. It also includes extended email support hours from Cention, support for larger attachments, extended historical data storage, the ability to forward emails to external experts, and other important features.

Key features and benefits of Cention

  • ‘Cases not individuals’ philosophy – an email thread has a unique identifier which identifies the emails in the thread as a single case. Puzzel features for searching, responding, and reporting support efficient case management and trigger consistent, consolidated responses to customers
  • Inbound emails can be handled efficiently, effectively and directed to the best qualified available agent
  • All inbound emails are given a priority score based upon trigger words or phrases
  • Template replies, signatures and salutations allow agents to send high quality, personalised responses
  • Replies can include a multiple-choice customer satisfaction survey to elicit instant customer feedback and drive continuous service improvements
  • Superior reporting capabilities cover all the events in the contact centre’s handling of cases, for example, average handling time, SLA breaches, agent performance and survey results. This gives managers the hard evidence they need to review case progress, individual performance and take proactive steps to make meaningful service improvements and boost efficiency.

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