Robots, bots, chat bots, intelligent or virtual assistants are all part of the growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) family. A welcome addition to any self-service offering, they have the power to boost agent and customer satisfaction in one go.

Puzzel Bot consists of a Conversational Platform that lets organisations use AI to answer questions from customers without involving human agents. It a chatbot is unable to answer a caller’s question, Puzzel’s Conversational Platform transfers the caller automatically to a live agent. The Puzzel Conversational Platform offers organisations a choice of different chatbot frameworks. For those organisations who have already invested time and resource in their own chatbot, Puzzel offers a ‘bring-your-own-bot’ service – the ability to integrate any existing bot framework directly into the Puzzel contact centre.
Key features and benefits of Conversational Platform

  • Answers enquiries 24 x 7 with no holiday or sick leave required
  • Handles multiple simultaneous chat sessions without delays between answers
  • Frees up time for human agents to deal with more complex or emotive issues
  • Handles peaks in demand without additional headcount
  • Extends and strengthens the omnichannel capabilities of today’s contact centre
  • Seamless handover from bot to agent improves the customer experience
  • Historical archive of chatlogs for auditing purposes
  • Wide range of support including onsite-bot training and integration with existing business logic and solutions
  • Leverages the Cloud for fast implementation
  • Delivers service to customers when they want it and in their channel of choice

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