Measure the Customer Experience

Our online tool, Brilliant Navigator, enables you to measure everything from the customer’s experience in real time to customer loyalty. We also measure the customers’ perception before, during and after their interaction with your company. Your results can be compared with 14 different industries.
Measuring doesn’t change behaviour in either customers or employees – it is working with the results that produces change. Our surveys are conducted in such a way that the results are simple for everybody in your organisation to work with – from individual to organisational level.

Customer survey in brief:
•  The customer meeting in real time – can be measured independent of channel
•  Relationship surveys in order to measure the customers’ loyalty
•  Tailored surveys, for example to follow up change initiatives
•  Presented in an easy to use online tool, the Brilliant Navigator

Customer surveys, by telephone, SMS or e-mail, can easily be conducted after all types of contacts handled in the Puzzel environment.

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