Capturi’s customized solution helps you and your customer support team reach your full potential! Using speech analytics and machine learning, Capturi analyzes your puzzle recordings directly and transforms them into insights on how to achieve higher NPS, reduce the number of non-valuable customer calls and save valuable time for documentation and quality assurance.

Combine Capturi and Puzzel and get valuable insights on four use cases:

Voice of the customer

With Capturi and Puzzel, you gain insight into what creates the good customer conversation, which allows you to act quickly, address issues and update your FAQ-sites so that the customers can quickly and easily find answers for their questions.

Voice of the Agent

Dive into your best agents’ techniques and discover the secret behind great customer experience. These insights do not only benefit team leaders or managers but are also a valuable tool and motivator for the individual employee, who can improve on their own initiative and pursue their own development on a new level.

Coaching and Onboarding

Save valuable time and resources with direct and individual coaching, so that the single-agent knows what works and which parameters need to be improved.
Enable a better onboarding process with a library containing examples of good and successful discussions.


Ensure quality and documentation throughout your team. Capturi stores,  analyses and categorize your Puzzel recordings directly, allowing you to search for and locate specific calls quickly.

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