Puzzel Dialler is a powerful tool that makes more efficient use of agents’ time in contact centres and sales organisations. It is perfect for maximising a company’s marketing efforts by enabling agents to create outbound campaigns to a given list of contacts. When active, the Dialler will go through the list of contacts and call them automatically, connecting them to available agents.
Puzzel Dialler presents a sound business case for all marketing programmes in terms of maximising outreach and impact. It is far more cost-effective than hiring traditional outbound sales teams and it brings tangible time savings: contact centres can reach a far larger geographical area more quickly in a single day than a travelling sales team ever could.

Key features and benefits of Dialler

  • Automated outbound calling saves time
  • Highly versatile, supports a variety of campaign modes including preview, progressive, power or predictive
  • Campaign calls lists are easily uploaded via the Puzzel administration portal or on Puzzel’s secure FTP server at a time and frequency to suit. They can also be added to, edited or deleted using Puzzel’s Dialler API
  • Efficient call blending – in addition, the module can be used for effective Call Blending, making it easy to combine inbound and outbound calls in a seamless manner
  • Strong CRM integration means information about each contact is automatically presented to the agent in a screen-pop to deliver a seamless, highly personalised service
  • Increases efficiency by providing outbound services during off-peak hours without the need for manual intervention
  • Call blending increases agent productivity, streamlines staffing and improves customer service.

Create effective outbound campaigns with Puzzel Dialler.

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