Out of the last 10 SMS messages you received, how many did you open and read? Chances are – all of them. Customers respond to SMS like no other channel. Handling inbound SMS is an easy way of providing service to your customers. Leveraging the power of SMS communications and embedding it into the heart of the contact centre benefits customers and is becoming one of the most efficient ways to conduct post-call customer satisfaction surveys, send alerts, reminders and notifications and keep in touch with customers.
Puzzel’s SMS solution can help manage all interactions using one simple interface, providing the ability to provide a single view of all customer interactions to agents.

Key features and benefits of SMS

  • Allows organisations to market short code SMS numbers as the contact point for their business
  • Sends SMS messages to the caller or any mobile recipients, independently of the channel of the incoming request
  • Uses standardised message templates to communicate with callers, send notifications or predefined responses
  • Centrally manages SMS interactions and leverages Puzzel’s powerful analytics tool to measure performance
  • Sends, receives and routes SMS messages as you would route any other enquiry coming into the contact centre from voice, email, social to web chat
  • Capture and react to the voice of the customer – Puzzel SMS survey works by automatically sending the caller a text message just after a completed call with an agent. The caller can then respond with a rating and/or with additional comments providing immediate information regarding customer satisfaction.

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