Humley provides a platform for building and managing Conversational Assistants that is more user-friendly and can be deployed 300% faster than other chatbot providers in the market. We work with leading global businesses to transform customer experiences through delivering enhanced self-service and improving efficiencies with a multi-channel, 24/7 Conversational Assistant.

Humley’s Assistants enable customers to submit questions and perform tasks, delivering meaningful and personalised responses in seconds.

How it Works

Our solution combines automated and no-code setup, self-learning AI (Humley Orchestrator), best-of-breed AI providers, Machine Learning and Natural language Processing, and document ingestion to deliver more advanced Assistants.

What makes Humley’s solution unique in the market is our pre-built and ready-to-deploy Recipes. Humley Recipes come with all the experiences, integrations to leading business systems, RPA bots, and knowledge bases you need to deploy Conversational Assistants more cost-effectively in days.


  • Deliver time savings to Agents through automatic inbound query handling
  • Average 80% of first-line queries deflected generating efficiencies and cost savings
  • 80% average positive customer feedback – improved customer satisfaction with enhanced support and service
  • Ability to scale on demand – regardless of volume and without the need for additional recruitment
  • Improved customer experiences with actionability – enable customers to perform tasks and find information all within one platform
  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Improved ROI through increasing engagement with Puzzel

Key Features

  • BI Dashboards and reports – providing greater insight into customer satisfaction and trends
  • Automatic document upload – add any of your policy documents and handbooks to personalise conversational experiences
  • Multi-channel deployment – Voice, Mobile (WhatsApp, SMS, and bespoke applications) and Messenger (Facebook Workplace, Slack, MS Team), and web applications
  • GDPR and data compliant
  • Pre-built integrations with leading business systems (ServiceNow, Oracle, SAP, etc.) and RPA providers (Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere)
  • Easy to use GUI, tooling, and personalisation
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Self-learning AI and document ingestion
  • Best of breed AI, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing
  • Ready to deploy experiences

Enhancing Puzzel with Humley

Humley has built a pre-templated integration with Puzzel which means you can integrate our solution in a few clicks. It’s that simple.

Agent Handover – Conversations can be passed back and forth between Agents via Puzzel and the Conversational Assistant in a seamless end-user experience. With Agents always available to speak to a consumer when the situation requires.

The Assistant will provide a summary of the user interaction to the Agent so that it is a seamless experience and can identify the most relevant agent for the query based on their skill set, ensuring customers receive the most appropriate levels of support.

How to get started

If you are interested in enhancing your customer experiences and delivering efficiencies to your agents through combining Humley and Puzzel, get in touch today.

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