Jabra Engage AI is a tone-based agent guidance and conversation analytics software. It supercharges performance for agents, supervisors and managers with real-time, actionable feedback on how every call is going. Jabra Engage AI increases agent engagement, brings teams closer and saves your time with AI insights.

Analyze. Empathize. Optimize.  

Engage AI is a new kind of sentiment analysis software that is trained to understand human speech and tone, providing feedback throughout every call. And it works in complete harmony with your preferred contact center platform. We know that using Engage AI improves the call center experience for customers as well as for agents.
How? Because we’ve got the numbers from real-life conversations.

27% shorter calls 

Supercharged customer service
Engage AI provides a more accurate read on customer sentiment – 50% more accurate on 100% of calls in real-time**. So, agents can improve their tone live on the call, helping them to efficiently resolve enquiries in 27% shorter calls*

12% higher CSAT

Increased customer satisfaction scores We analyzed 700,000 calls on which agents were using Engage AI. When looking at the top 10% of these calls in further detail, we found a 12% increase in CSAT (customer satisfaction score) when agents deliver their best tone*

70% of agents feel more motivated

Improved agent well-being and retention Feedback is key for agent confidence. Engage AI offers live feedback, so they know when they’re doing well or to give them some support. 70% of agents say they feel more motivated thanks to using Engage AI***, which is a significant boost for improving engagement and performance.

85% of supervisors feel better connected

Making supervisors’ days easier Training, coaching, and bringing new agents up to speed couldn’t be easier, with intelligent notifications and intuitive dashboards. We found that, thanks to Engage AI, 85% of supervisors feel better connected to their teams***

Privacy & Safety

  • Privacy first with GDPR compliant data.
  • AI model and analytics run 100% locally, on agent PC.
  • No sensitive data sent to the cloud.

Key Features and benefits of Jabra Engage AI

  • Tailored for all users. Advisor, supervisor, manager roles
  • Real-time: conversation analysis and call monitoring, feedback and guidance for agents and supervisors
  • Post call: personalized performance trends for agents and teams
  • Improved audio quality of the call
  • Gamified agent experience to help everyone improve with time
  • Educating. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Intuitive easy to use interface

*These impacts are measured when the agents perform at their best, for example, when their tone is in the top 10% out of all their calls

**Benchmarked against open source text-based sentiment analysis tools from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, BERT, and Assembly AI

***Based on Engage AI user surveys

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