Whether you operate a traditional bricks-and-mortar contact centre, have remote agents working from home or a blend of both, Jabra and Puzzel offer integrated solutions enabling an all-in-one customer experience solution that’s easy to use, flexible and customisable to your business needs.

With compatible Jabra Evolve and Engage enterprise headsets, agents can easily manage repetitive call functions such as answering and hanging up calls as well as adjusting volume levels, boosting productivity and delivering improved customer satisfaction levels.

Compatible Jabra headsets

If you are in need of great sounding-robust audio devices, or whether you’re looking for a longer-term solution that leverages data and analytics, Jabra has a full range of headsets to support you and get the most from your Puzzel investment:

  • Jabra Engage 75
  • Jabra Engage 50
  • Jabra Evolve 75
  • Jabra Evolve 40

The Engage 50, with its unique system of 3-microphones and intelligent noise-cancellation, blocks out background noise and breathing sounds, so customers hear only the agent’s voice, thereby delivering a superior call experience, whether at home or at a physical contact centre.

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