Kindly is the most user-friendly chatbot platform in the market that makes it easy to handle first-line support for growing businesses. The Kindly platform is designed to make it simple to build complex AI-powered chatbots backed by state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing.

A major challenge for all companies is being able to communicate effectively on a personal level with their customers. Kindly, therefore offers a user-friendly chatbot platform to all their customers, making it easy to handle first-line support for growing businesses. Kindly’s goal is to enable and empower people by providing access to artificial intelligence to everyone. We have created the most intuitive platform for training virtual assistants. Kindly is used by some of the largest companies in the world, and have customers who have automated close to 90% of their customer dialogue. By combining the technology of Puzzel with Kindly, gives your company full-service customer support.

24/7 customer support

As the bot answers take the first line of support, the agents can now handle the tickets that bot can’t solve. Having a Kindly chatbot also provides your company with a 24/7 support alternative.

Be there for your customers! Privacy and data taken seriously

The nature of chatbots sometimes involves sensitive data being transmitted through the pipeline. Kindly takes the security of personal data seriously, and we have composed the architecture of the service with this responsibility in mind. In addition to ensuring that our third-party services follow GDPR standards, we also offer compliance functionality to our clients so that they, in turn, can offer their end-users privacy protection. This functionality includes:, automatic anonymization, automatic deletion of chat logs after a specified time and the option for end-users to delete or download log.

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