Today’s digital-native customers demand instant and hyper-personalized experiences at the touch or swipe of a finger. And they expect to be able to interact and transact with a business on their preferred channel – web, mobile app, telephony, social media, SMS or voice assistant. Koopid’s AI-powered Customer Experience Orchestration platform delivers the ideal blend of automation and live service across these channels. Omni-Channel Virtual Assistant and Collaborative Live Assist technology enable businesses to deliver seamless experiences, combining self-service and agent assistance. An intuitive, no-code service creation tool and associated APIs enable the design of smart, business-ready customer experiences in minutes. A scalable enterprise-class platform and out-of-the-box enterprise and carrier voice integrations enable rapid deployment of Koopid’s platform as a digital overlay to an existing contact centre or telecom framework, delivering significant ROI in just weeks. WIth Koopid, your customers can experience smart digital-first self-service journeys, starting on the web, mobile app, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or SMS – and connecting seamlessly to an agent when needed.

Koopid’s powerful AI engine delivers user experiences that are adaptable and personalized. Patent-pending Conversational UI technology combines natural language processing with visual AI to create intuitive, smartphone or web-optimized customer journeys.  Imagine interacting with what seems like a just-in-time mobile app or website, created just for you – the user – and optimized for exactly the problem you are trying to address at this moment.

Deploying Conversational UI’s can dramatically improve rates of self-service, reduce call volumes and greatly simplify the customer experience. Further, integrating a Conversational UI into a natural language IVR and providing a seamless experience across channels can enable intuitive and personalized experiences that are truly delightful. And in an era where customer loyalty is closely co-related with the quality of experience, that is a game-changer for the business as well.

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