In today’s digital world, in which real customer contact is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore more crucial, companies with fast customer-oriented services make the difference. A helpdesk is the first place where a customer comes into contact with the company where he purchased his product or service after the purchase. That is why the helpdesk is an essential part of the customer relationship for many companies.

Our mission is to support helpdesk employees worldwide with all necessary customer information as soon as a customer calls. The helpdesk employee can help each customer quickly and easily because all systems with CTIs are linked. We combine the strengths of the CRM and telephony systems by presenting customer information on one screen in one click. Easy, time-saving and cost-effective.

Loyally develops CTI integrations for almost all telephony and CRM providers worldwide in the form of appropriate customization. For telephony providers who want to make their functionalities more complete, we offer additional CTI integrations such as IVR (instant voice responses), Whatsapp and chat functionalities. We offer CTI integrations for telephony for CRM providers who want to make their offer more complete and thus expand their service package.

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