Mgenious is a consultancy focused on enabling organisations to realise the benefits of digital transformation by ensuring the processes, people and technology are aligned to meet the organisation’s goals.

We aim to ignite your inspiration for what can be achieved and the business benefits that can be derived from enhanced productivity and innovation. The Mgenious team will work with you in an advisor/partner role and can provide all aspects of the services required to ensure the success of the project through planning, delivery, communications, technical architecture and engineering, project management, support and training.

Mgenious is a qualified and trusted Microsoft Partner – helping organisations get more from Microsoft 365.

Partnerships are also held with other companies including Puzzel having successfully deployed various omni-channel services for different customers.

Mgenious will help your organisation as you seek to:

  • Innovate: We encourage new ways of working inspiring innovation and excellence.
  • Transform: We deliver new capability to enable the realisation of expected benefits.
  • Collaborate: We empower teamwork with access to an existing line of business apps from anywhere.
  • Adopt new ways of working: We ensure end users are trained and upskilled to get the best from their tools available to them.
  • Automate processes: We integrate workflows that simplify processes, save time and reduce errors.

Mgenious will guide you throughout the transformation providing support, technical resources, project management, governance and expertise.

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