Today, there is no need to run separate contact centre and CRM solutions. Using a specially designed widget, Puzzel can bring an organisation’s complete Microsoft Dynamics environment directly into the Puzzel Agent Application.

Key features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

  • Automatically searches for contacts and accounts on an incoming request, using the caller’s phone number as the default search criteria for the voice channel and the caller’s email address as the default search criteria for other channels
  • Manual searches done by the agent are support in the easy-to-use UI
  • Matches can be presented in different ways
    – On a single match the match can be embedded directly in the widget
    – On multiple matches it will be possible to select which entity to display
    – If there are no matches, the integration can present an option to create an entity
    – An entity can always be “popped” externally if there is a need to see the entity outside of the widget
  • Creating activities and setting them against matches is easy:
    – On a single match, the integration can create an activity automatically
    – On multiple matches, the agent will be able to select which entity gets the activity
    – On no match, the agent will be able to create the activity after creating a new account or contact
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM data is logged by queue, qgent, caller’s number, dialled number, queue time, call answered or session ID
  • Own click-to-call button for increased CRM efficiency
  • Highest levels of security – Microsoft Dynamics CRM authentication in Puzzel is supported by Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD).

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