Modus RP provides resource planning consultancy and managed services for SME contact centres. We have decades of experience in implementing resource planning successfully in large corporates and have taken that experience to provide a service that supports businesses without any resource planning experience or those who don’t have a planning team in place.

We work alongside businesses that need help finding efficiencies, sizing up their workforce and support for their business growth.

Modus RP offers resource planning on both the strategic and operational levels. We have a deep understanding of how to create a successful resource plan and how to implement it. Our aim is to be part of your business. To support your organisation to be successful, we will help you in delivering what we have advised primarily through our managed services.

A managed service, by Modus RP, provides both advice and management, ensures that you’ll get what you expect at every step of the process with solutions, optimisations, and better ways of working. You will also get process improvements throughout the time that you have our managed service. We never just do the basics and leave you to it. Our goal is to make sure that you are constantly optimised and that you are maximising the use of your systems. We are also able to suggest other technologies that can support you to drive better customer experiences. We will always keep the solutions coming!

Our services are categorised into 4 sections:

  1. Contact Centre Discovery: We come into your business and look at the processes. We look at the way that you are working and build a capacity model to understand how many people you need against how many people you already have. We can also advise on where your business could be improved.
  2. WFM Implementation: We support setting up the system, putting the right processes in place to maximise the use of the system and highlighting any return-on-investment opportunities. Our key driver is that the system can only do so much. You also need the right processes and people to engage with the system to make it work. Therefore, what we provide is not just the basic implementation, we bring your people on board to maximise the use of your WFM.
  3. WFM Support: Post-implementation support via a ticketing support system where you can ask us anything about your WFM and planning. We will support you on an ad-hoc ticket-by-ticket basis. You can purchase several tickets throughout the month as a retainer to have on the spot support when you need it.
  4. WFM Manage: Our managed service is tailored to your specific requirements and the level of support your contact centre requires. This is ideal for any organisation that wants to benefit from consistent support to ensure that their contact centre is running smoothly.

The price is dependent on the size of the workforce and the level of support required. However, they will be competing against hiring internally.

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