Netrivals is Lengow’s Price Intelligence offer that gives you the ability to make better-informed pricing decisions thanks to our extensive Big Data which monitors over 1bn products from over 33K websites and 70 countries. Our mission is to help brands and retailers from diverse sectors have updated product and pricing information that can maximize online sales and revenue, as well as improve customer satisfaction.


Since 75% of online products don’t own an EAN or GTIN, it can be hard for most pricing solutions to identify the products sold by your competition. However, at Netrivals our algorithms are able to break this barrier and match your products with those of your competitors by using our Smart Suggestions module. This module suggests products that were found through data such as titles, images, and references on e-commerce pages, marketplaces, and even comparison websites. This gives you a competitive edge that makes your prices stand out from the crowd while respecting your profit margin.


Key features and benefits of Netrivals


  • Price and Competitor Benchmark: Know your position in the market and how the competition is performing
  • Product and Distribution Channel Monitoring: Have control over your brand
  • Dynamic Pricing: Increase your conversions and own the Buy Box
  • Business Intelligence: Generate value for your business and optimize your catalog 
  • Amazon Ratings and Reviews Analyser: Estimate your products’ value and improve customer satisfaction

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