Contact centres that take payments over the phone face major operational and technical challenges when handling sensitive cardholder data. PCI Pal’s Agent Assist solution allows contact centres to take card payments securely, using DTMF (telephone keypad) capture technology while the agent and customer are in conversation.
When a payment is required, the agent simply opens the PCI Pal desktop application and asks the customer to enter their card details using the telephone keypad. Asterisks are displayed to the agent with a counter showing the number of digits entered.
The PCI Pal platform captures the keypad tones and masks them as a monotone beep, preventing them from reaching the contact centre. The customer’s voice is allowed should they need to communicate directly with the agent.
Key features and benefits of PCI Pal

  • Flexible payment solution adapted for electronic channels such as mobile applications, web and IVR
  • Facilitates secure SMS, credit card, debit card and Instapay payments
  • Streamlines payment processes and provides a secure and improved experience for customers
  • Flexibility, visibility and high levels of integration with other corporate systems
  • Easy to use interface for both agents and customers
  • Efficient statistics and settlement reporting for all payment channels
  • Make PCI Pal an intrinsic part of your Puzzel contact centre. Combining specialist payment technology such as PCI Pal with the experience and dedicated support of a PCI-DSS, ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified partner like Puzzel, guarantees secure contact centre payments at all times to boost customer confidence and loyalty.

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