Plecto provides Real-time service performance insights with KPI visualization, gamification, and coaching tools. It empowers everyone in your team to visualize their performance in real-time KPI Dashboards that are always up-to-date and accessible.

Main features of Plecto are as listed below:

Real-time data (for rapid) decisions

Make actionable, decisions that drive customer service excellence with real-time performance data for your agents and customers. Perfect your digital engagement and prioritize high-value cases with instantaneous insights into your administration portal and case management system.

Supercharge performance

Power your agents’ productivity by visualizing pre-built or customizable KPIs on real-time data dashboards. Trounce your targets with transparency – display your team’s CSAT scores, average call response time, and number of completed chats on KPI dashboards around the office!

Game-changing gamification

Become the maestro of motivating your CS agents with gamification tools like instant notifications and contests. Improve team synergy and drive determination with KPI-crushing contests. Celebrate progress company-wide with real-time notifications and rewards.

Save time with automated and accurate reports

Why waste time on repetitive and run-of-the-mill reports when you can export all your demand forecasts and KPI data as auto-update reports, scheduled to be sent directly to your inbox.

Top-rate training and coaching with personalization

Crush your coaching and elevate your one-on-ones with goal-oriented performance agreements. Define personalized targets jointly agreed upon by agents and their managers. Follow progress in real-time and with full confidentiality.

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