kuando Busylight is a presence display and call alert system designed to optimize agents’ productivity and eliminate common workplace interruptions.

The ALPHA and OMEGA Busylight UC models are both equipped with a bright LED light display that is small but visible from a distance and built-in speakers to send audio alerts without interfering with computer or headset settings. kuando Busylight’s reliable ringer signals incoming calls to ensure fast response times while the real-time presence display automatically changes to reflect the “In a Call” state. The easy 3 step installation system allows an effortless rollout/deployment for small or large call centre environments. The optionable magnetic or adhesive mounting is ideal for laptops, thin monitors, or cubicle and divider walls.

Kuando Busylight creates the ideal call centre by eliminating unwanted interruptions, displaying your Puzzel Agent Application status in real-time, and sending audio/visual alerts for incoming calls.

By incorporating the Busylight presence system into your call or contact centre, agents can work effectively without interruptions. Because of the simple presence color-code system, passersby know instantly that red means “Do Not Disturb”, providing complete office conformity with little to no training needed. This polite but effective way of communication provides a consistent workflow in the call centre and reduces work-related stress. Agents can work effectively without distractions while also increasing customer/client satisfaction due to the timely answered and returned calls.

Create the ideal call centre environment, with kuando Busylight for Puzzel Agent Application.

Presence & Ringer benefits:

  • Reduce office noise due to the visible reminder of employees in calls
  • Increase UC adoption with the visible indicator of presence and calls
  • Higher efficiency and quality of work due to more focused employees
  • Reduce stress and sick days with a better work environment
  • Increase customers’ satisfaction due to shorter reply time.
  • Lower IT support with standardized and 100% reliable ringer
  • Quick deployment and configuration with the mass deployment of the software


  • Status light automatically changes colour according to your status in RingCentral
  • Call Center mode
  • Multicolour LED light
  • 360-degree visible angle
  • Easy to mount on different surfaces
  • 3 brightness settings


  • Call alert on incoming calls
  • No audio settings required
  • A USB device – not an audio device
  • Works when PC soundcards/speakers are disabled
  • Easy to pick up calls and dial numbers
  • Possible to ignore or end a call

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