Performance management is about empowering staff and giving them the right tools to succeed. However, managers often feel overwhelmed by the huge amounts of data in their contact centre. Puzzel Performance Management captures and aggregates data across multiple systems while providing a single, standardised framework for efficiently tracking, managing and improving individual, team and organisational performance.

Contact centre leaders gain insight into employee activities, skills levels and performance that enables them to align individual and team objectives with wider organisational goals. At the same time, agents have daily visibility of their own performance and can improve it via a variety of online coaching tools.

  • Key features and benefits of Puzzel Performance Management:
  • Saves time through automation. Time saved enables managers to focus on coaching employees to boost performance further
  • Clear visibility into the KPI scores of employees, teams, departments and sites provides a holistic view of performance
  • Modern, intuitive user interface makes it easy to analyse performance and identify improvement opportunities across employees and KPIs
  • Centralised repository holds a complete learning history for every employee, including scorecards and policy documents, to improve lesson management, training and mentoring
  • Powerful metrics demonstrate the impact of change across processes, technology and the enterprise
  • Supports continuous improvement by bringing together scorecards, coaching and e-learning capabilities. At the click of a button, leaders can initiate and track e-learning lesson assignments. Automatic triggers highlight when additional coaching is required for example, when performance scores fall below set thresholds.

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