Monitoring the total number of customer interactions alone is no longer enough. Contact centres need to track the quality of every single interaction to reveal areas of improvement for employees, processes and the organisation. Quality Management (QM) supports today’s contact centre leaders in delivering a successful Customer Experience (CX) strategy.

Automated quality management allows 100% of interactions to be evaluated and scored freeing up contact centre leaders to spend more time coaching agents and improving CX. By automating the entire quality management process including scorecard evaluations and assigning coaching, every agent is given the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Quality Management is a single unified application for accessing and reviewing recorded phone and text-based interactions, including chat. It enables large numbers of interactions to be selected and evaluated based on business relevance, employee performance and customer input.

Key features and benefits of Quality Management

  • Helps contact centres evolve from traditional quality monitoring techniques to gain in-depth insight
  • Ties analytics, coaching, scorecards and training together to help employees develop and extend their skills for greater employee engagement and productivity
  • Feeds KPIs into scorecards to drive performance-based coaching and e-learning for improved CX
  • Inbuilt powerful search and filtering capabilities pinpoint and navigate to the critical parts of interactions. This accelerates review times, enhances decision-making and facilitates swift and effective remedial action.

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