With QualityDesk, you’ll never leave your agents on their own. They will have access to market-leading tools to improve themselves and help you, the leader, to enhance your coaching. All the relevant data can be found on one platform, and progress is ensured.

QualityDesk is a comprehensive tool for implementing and continuing a coaching leadership culture. Leaders can use QuatliyDesk to coach managers. Managers can coach team leaders and team leaders can coach agents. HR can follow the whole organizations’ leadership in real-time.

Implementing QualityDesk to your organization is easy. The software is so easy to use that users only need 30-minute of training.

Key features:

  • Build quality scorecards easily and modify them as the quality improves or your targets or goals change.
  • Build coaching forms and scripts to help leaders, managers, and team leaders coach the subjects that really matter. Modify them easily in minutes, for example, the strategy changes.
  • Real-time reporting, feedback, and follow-ups on developing targets.
  • Visual reports for the quality and the development of an agent, team, unit, and country.

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