Today, contact centres and customer service operations need to manage so much more than voice. Technical advances and the lure of reduced facilities and capital equipment costs have made home-working a popular choice whilst the rise of social media networking sites have opened up new opportunities. At the same time, these opportunities have made the contact centre a far more complex environment to control. That’s why a centralised management portal is crucial.
The Puzzel Administration Portal acts as the engine room, putting managers in complete control of their contact centre environment. What is more, web-based tools like Statistics and Archive capture all customer interactions in the form of call recordings and chat conversations. However, sometimes contact centre leaders require more details than what is available in the Statistics and Archive modules. That’s where Puzzel Raw Data comes into play, offering strategic information about all call recordings, chat conversations and agent activities.

Key features and benefits of Raw Data

  • Speed and efficiency – records for calls/written requests (or sessions) and agent activities arrive into a central database continuously, normally within a delay of maximum 5 minutes after a session has ended
  • Security and control in one go – although Puzzel hosts the database on a trusted Microsoft SQL Server, the customer can access it over a secure Internet connection
  • Information all in one place – one single document provides detailed records for all call types including going through menus, waiting in queue, consult calls and call transfer, agent wrap-up, call-back in queue, outgoing calls, enquiry registration, logon/logoff/pause, Survey, Chat, Email and Social media requests
  • High degree of configurability – various SQL reports can be run to accommodate individual customer needs.
  • Use Raw Data for informed strategic decisions.

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