SalesScreen is a sales motivation tool that empowers sales teams to unleash their full potential and improve all-round business performance. With gamification at its core, SalesScreen makes sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding. It simplifies employee recognition, increases transparency and helps organisations to build a culture of appreciation.
Key features and benefits of SalesScreen

  • Give praise, recognise achievements and celebrate wins together as a team
  • Customise how, where, when and to whom major accomplishments are broadcast
  • Award badges and choose from a choice of 160 ready-made designs
  • Quickly schedule team events such as ‘Employee of the Week’
  • Create personalised YouTube videos or TV screens with photos, music and sales information to acknowledge outstanding performers
  • Instantly run sales contests and competitions to drive performance in a friendly way
  • Digital leader boards or ‘Walls of Fame’ track progress on KPIs, highlight top performers and give others something to strive for
  • Customisable dashboards provide a visual overview of performance data in real-time, helping to track improvements and focus on what matters most
  • Stay up-to-date with team activities
  • Effortless integration with existing CRM and motivation platforms for a streamlined team sales experience
  • Unleash the power of social media feeds for enhanced collaboration and encouragement
  • Available as a mobile app for on-the-go sales motivation

Combine SalesScreen with your Puzzel environment to build a stronger company culture, achieve lower turnover, better awareness of goals and increase activities on the metrics that matter most to sales growth and business success.

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