Sestek is a conversational automation company working on AI-powered solutions for customer service since 2000. Our R&D team of 100+ engineers develop conversational products built on technologies such as speech recognition (SR), natural language processing (NLP), and voice biometrics. We help digitize customer service operations of 400+ enterprise clients in 20 different countries.

Sestek develops Knovvu Analytics that collect 100% of customer interaction data at customer service channels and convert it into meaningful information for decision-makers. The solution provides critical insights to understand customers better and help to improve their experiences. Equipped with advanced quality management tools, Knovvu Analytics enable supervisors to objectively score and maximize agent performance with tangible feedback.


  1. Higher Performance: Knovvu Analytics deliver faster response times and faster query results than competition.
  2. More in the moment: Real-time triggers, real-time notifications to supervisors and real-time reporting.
  3. One Product, Multiple Users: Single solution supporting multi-tenancy for different teams, business units and operation.
  4. No Code Required: Users enjoy visual queries design without any code requirement.
  5. Advanced QM: With the help of A.I., script adherence, acoustic indicators and sentimental features can be measured and scored objectively.


  1. Pinpoint Root Causes: Using statistical comparison feature, granular differences between top-performing agents and others can be identified instantly.
  2. Elevate QM: Script adherence, acoustic indicators and sentimental features can be monitored automatically.
  3. Act in Real Time: Knovvu Analytics present real-time sentiment analysis, real-time notifications to supervisors and real-time triggers for API actions

Hybrid Quality Management Approach

Advanced Quality Management (AQM) feature provides comprehensive view of agent performance, essential for objective evaluation. Supervisors need 100% visibility of performance to effectively manage their agents. Knovvu Analytics monitor and analyze 100% of customer calls with the ability to measure KPIs such as willingness to help, positive attitude and formal speech. When supervisors add their manual evaluation on top, the -hybrid- approach improves quality management at contact centers significantly.

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