The Emailbot can understand the content of emails, classify them and extract relevant information for automatic processing. With the ability to also identify the sender’s intentions, it can be configured to perform a variety of actions for different email categories and types of requests.

Save time, costs, and effort by letting the Emailbot take care of your emails using AI. Emailbot receives emails from both internal and external senders and can automatically update tickets in Puzzel 24 hours a day.


  • Classify emails and extract key information for process automation
  • Reply and request Information
  • Add Notes to tickets based on information in the email received
  • Update ticket status and assign tickets to human agents
  • Dispatch mail to human agents and feed all the insights derived using AI to agents.

The bot can automatically update a ticket when required or forward it to a support agent. It can also set the status, priority and agent name of who is dedicated to the inquiry type, and forward all the required insights, attachments, and email details. Another notable advantage is that the Emailbot itself sets the ticket status as closed when the required answer is provided back to the sender, and the task is done.

This way, the Support Agent will efficiently have all the information and insights needed to solve the ticket. There’s no need to check the email for the same details anymore and a greater number of tickets can be handled at less time and costs. It’s easy, go ahead and try!!

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