Puzzel Softphone offers effortless voice communications without the cost. It harnesses the power of Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology for real-time communications at anytime using any device. Softphone enables agents to answer calls directly from their computer without the need for external telecommunications devices such as landlines or mobiles. All that is required of agents is stable and sufficient broadband with access to a Chrome internet browser.
Key features and benefits of Softphone

  • Fast set-up times using a web browser, headset and active Internet connection
  • Answer calls from queues using a phone built into the client – no need for an external phone such as landline or mobile device
  • Toggle between logging-in with a softphone or an external phone
  • Answer calls to the softphone manually or with auto answer

Puzzel was one of the first vendors to recognise the importance of applying WebRTC technology to its portfolio of cloud-based contact centre solutions. Powerful WebRTC capabilities are incorporated into Puzzel Softphone to bring a wealth of benefits including:

  • Reduced costs on phone handsets and there are no charges for Skype and What’s App calls
  • Web-based application makes it quick, easy and cost-effective to upgrade existing contact centre infrastructure
  • Intuitive and straightforward interface means users become fully competent with little or no training
  • Location independent meaning remote working staff can log in and work anywhere in the world
  • Enables agents to transfer calls quickly to enhance the customer experience and speed of query resolution
  • Allows agents to see the real-time status of queues, enabling them to adjust their activities to deliver tangible improvements in customer service
  • Presents agents with essential caller information to deliver highly personalised customer interactions

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