SupWiz delivers award-winning AI software for service and support. This includes chatbots, voicebots, ticket analyzer, email-sorting, knowledge article matching, and more. The solution enhances Puzzel with advanced AI tailored to your organization to provide the optimal customer experience. SupWiz’ customers today include NNIT,, TV2, Stofa, and many more.

SupWiz is founded by world-leading AI researchers and the CEO has previously founded and built a global software company with great success.

SupWiz’ focus

At SupWiz we help organizations provide better service and support to end-users and at the same time make life easier for agents. Specifically, we are concerned with three things when implementing solutions at clients:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • High levels of automation
  • Solutions for enterprises

We achieve this through industry-leading tailored Natural Language Understanding AI, an extensive suite of security and compliance functionality, as well as a flexible integration module allowing you to set up your SupWiz chatbot to perform complex tasks such as resetting passwords, checking customer balance, or even resetting a router.

SupWiz for Puzzel

SupWiz’ chatbot has out-of-the-box integration to Puzzel that enables you to set up a chatbot into your Puzzel Contact Centre and make seamless handovers of chat conversations from chatbot to a human agent.
The SupWiz chatbot solution helps companies provide better and faster service and support, both via full automation and agent assistance in live chat. The chatbot can handle a lot of problems on its own without human involvement. In scenarios where the problems are complex to be handled on its own, it will transfer the user to the right agent with a suggested solution after carrying out some initial steps in the chat conversation.

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