For contact centres, capturing frontline intelligence is a great opportunity to improve the customer experience. Using the Survey package, contact centres can offer their customers surveys via SMS and Chat channels where they are asked to rate the service of their last conversation after receiving a text or pop-up icon on the Chat screen.

Key features and benefits of Survey

  • Speed and agility – supervisors simply log on to a given Puzzel web page to view analysis of customer feedback, information that is updated every 5 minutes
  • Ease-of-use – Survey is administered via a simple website. Administrators can enter/alter the SMS texts, determine whether to activate a follow-up message, and activate notification to an e-mail address/URL
  • Transparency – when a call is ended at the contact centre, information concerning the call such as agent, team and queue is automatically sent to the Survey service
  • Surveys your way – if desired, an individual follow-up message can be configured per score
  • Fast and efficient reporting – results from surveys are available online and searchable by date, agent, queue and score. They can then be exported into Excel for further processing and reporting. This provides a convenient way for organisations to monitor customer satisfaction levels
  • SMS Survey integrates effortlessly with world-leading CRM systems for a seamless customer and feedback experience
  • Intelligent statistics – give an overview of response rate, average per agent/queue/ and overall. Trend statistics showing how satisfied customers are over time to support meaningful improvements in services and agent training.

Take a closer look at your CX levels using Puzzel Survey.

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