Having a robust audit trail of all customer conversations in a complex omnichannel contact centre environment is critical to improving agent skills and customer service. Touch is a leading provider of services for recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communications. With more than a decade’s experience of supporting communications systems in a secure and reliable manner and as one of the first companies in Europe to offer Call Recording as a Service, Puzzel contact centre customers can rely on Touch to meet all the relevant legal and compliance requirements for their industry.

Key features and benefits of Touch

  • Ensures that contact centre and customer data is protected, according to legal requirements
  • Data is encrypted and mirrored across multiple sites, meaning that it’s secure from threats, and that there is a robust disaster recovery process in place
  • With Touch, contact centre leaders can fulfil their access rights obligations, without the need for complex systems or increasing overheads
  • Makes it simple to collect and manage customer recordings, ensuring compliance and promoting quality
  • Simplicity – provides a complete, multi-channel call recording solution as a service, hosted in a secure, private cloud
  • Breadth and versatility – covers more than 35 different communication channels, and with customisable accessibility through an intuitive user interface
  • Highest levels of security – all recordings are protected with two-stage encryption and stored at the geographically redundant Touch storage facilities.
  • Effective compliance management – ensures compliance with legal and statutory requirements, as well as specific industry standards and regulations.

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