Social media customer service presents one of the biggest opportunities to interact with today’s hyper-connected consumers. If done well, social media can be the platform that enables organisations to respond instantaneously, show they care and build communities of people who are loyal and will recommend their brand on a very public platform. Get it wrong and the consequences are potentially disastrous, leading to a damaged corporate reputation and lost business.

For the contact centre, social media raises many questions: How to sensibly queue and route queries along with all the other channels? How to provide a consistent experience for multi-skilled agents across several channels? How to provide access to the same knowledgebase of information so agents can respond to social media queries quickly and appropriately?

Puzzel’s integration towards Trustpilot seamlessly presents customer reviews in near real-time to appropriately skilled agents in the contact centre for immediate response. Build more trust by responding to reviews faster and make sure your business speaks with a consistent voice across channels.

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