Widespread digitalisation and rising customer expectations for round-the-clock, omni-channel service are putting increased pressures on contact centres to strike the balance between reducing costs and improving customer and agent satisfaction. Workforce Management (WFM) solution powered by Verint is designed to help organisations gain enterprise-wide visibility of the work they perform, the activities of people and the processes involved. At the touch of a button, busy contact centre leaders are in control, swiftly ensuring the right number of agents are available at the right time to meet customer demand while minimising idle time and reducing agent stress.

Key features and benefits of WFM

  • Accurately forecasts daily and long-term workloads, with the ability to track intra-day trends against forecasts and take action quickly
  • Helps organisations to produce optimal schedules by balancing defined shift rules, work patterns, breaks, targeted service-level goals, and individual skills, proficiencies, and preferences
  • Provides complete scalability, flexibility and security – users simply log in from anywhere while new users and locations can be added quickly and easily
  • Creates optimal schedules to meet service levels consistently and cost-effectively, while accommodating employee proficiencies, skills and preferences
  • Allows organisations to leverage dynamic performance information to achieve operational excellence, meet service-level agreements and reach corporate goals
  • Reduces costs by staffing to meet demand, improving employee effectiveness and retention at the same time
  • Monitors employee adherence to schedules and easily manages exceptions for phone and desktop activities from a single screen.

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