The challenge for many businesses is to offer their customers a good, accessible service while remaining competitive. To succeed, organisations must find new ways to increase the efficiency of how they communicate with customers over the telephone. Voice Provider is the answer to this common conundrum. It offers a range of voice-controlled telephony solutions that help reduce the volume of incoming calls to the contact centre at minimal cost.
There are few limitations to the number and type of fully automated customer communication services organisations can provide over the telephone. They are similar to those provided by the company website and include answering frequently asked questions, giving real-time information on order status, receiving orders and calling customers to book delivery slots.

Key features and benefits of Voice Provider

  • End-to-end service – from looking at statistics, volumes and case types, Voice Provider works closely with an organisation to select areas that are suitable to automate both from a user perspective and from an economic perspective
  • Designs customised dialogue for the solution
  • Ease of use, behaviour and profiling are important features
  • Develops the entire solution and takes ongoing responsibility for operation, maintenance and future produce development
  • Voice control services can be launched as part of a voice response or as a separate service on the organisation’s own telephone number
  • Sound business case – ROI can be as little as a couple of months
  • Costs are based on the volume of calls handled and answered

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