The ability to record call and chat conversations reaps dividends inside and outside the contact centre. It provides a valuable audit trail, providing the hard evidence necessary to ensure important KPIs and SLAs are met and vital for resolving customer complaints and boosting customer service.

Puzzel can be configured to record conversations from a queue, or manually by the agent. When the solution is set up to record enquiries, the recording will start the moment the agent answers a call, and will end when the agent hangs up. The sound recording files can be made available in Puzzel’s Administration Portal’s archive, or the files can be delivered to customers via Puzzel’s FTP server or retrieved by utilising Puzzel API.

Key features and benefits of Voice Recording

  • Users can choose which voice and chat conversations to record and when to record them
  • Agents can stop or resume recording at any time during a conversation
  • The ability to censor sensitive personal information or credit card details with a special scramble button
  • Easy-to-access audio catalogue of all enquiries has a beneficial impact on security, complaints management, customer satisfaction ratings and quality control. It enhances sales training and performance reviews, minimises corporate liability and aids effective compliance management
  • Ability to record whatever you want, whenever you want – at chosen times of the day or during important or busy periods such as promotional campaigns or in the run-up to Christmas
  • Managers can listen to and view conversations, identify skills gaps and highlight future training requirements.

Listen to the voice of your customers with Puzzel Voice Recording.

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